The Writing Irish

March 2015 Novel/Prose Group
When: Fri., March 16, 1 to 3 PM; arrive at 12:30 if you’d like enjoy lunch with the group before the meeting
Location: Irish Rose Saloon, Rockford
Lunch Details: Irish favorites, sandwiches, sausages, salads, full bar, and more

Meeting Topic: Character Pillars
In January we discussed the four cornerstones of character creation: Fear, Secret, Quirk, Flaw. This month we’re going back to an article by MJ Bush on to build on those cornerstones with pillars:  “Four cornerstones, and now four pillars? Yep. It takes a lot to build a strong character. The cornerstones are the baseline. They set the stage. But the pillars are where the FUN is. Each pillar can align with a cornerstone, but that’s not the only option. Just a handy one. The pillars are prone to layers. And we all like layers. Just ask Shrek. Anyway, the pillars are often interdependent. The interplay between them gives you a lot of flexibility. Bend them to your will.
Pre-meeting Reading Assignment & Prep

Here’s the link to the main article; note that within it are links to click and read for more great articles: The Four Pillars of Strong Characters. Important: After you read, see II below for additional meeting preparation.
Meeting Preparation: Identifying the Pillars within Characters
Pick a main character from literature or dramatic film. It should be a beloved or despised character you’ve come to know well through a recent read or multiple re-reads (or views). (You may choose to build on the character(s) you used for the cornerstones exercise in January.) Consider that character‘s pillars, jot down notes and perhaps even list examples, and bring them to the meeting. We’ll discuss everyone’s picks. Will you be able to defend your reasoning about your chosen character and his/her pillars? Think of it as practice for being able to articulate aspects of your characters!