February Meeting


When – Saturday, February 20 at 1 PM

Where – Meg’s Daily Grind at N. Alpine and Guilford (behind the Walgreen’s)

Discussion TopicRomancing your Characters

Would you date your male lead character? Trust the woman in chapter three to remove your appendix or even a sliver from your finger? It’s important for writers to know their characters as well as (or better than, really) they know their family and friends. It would be nice if we could inspect our protagonists and all on an app–eHarmony? Christian Mingle? Tinder?–before we decide if they’re right for us or our story. Unfortunately, they only exist in our heads so we have to do the hard work of profiling and revealing them all by ourselves (or maybe with the help of another writer). So how do you draw them out so you can draw them on the page? We’ll talk about ways to do it and discover how knowing them well adds depth to the story even if you don’t use hardly anything you discover.

Pre-meeting reading, click the titles and absorb:

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The Interview method

Creating Characters – Five Mistakes Beginning Writers Make

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