O.W.L.S. Write

…and OWLS edit and OWLS fret over every comma.

The Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society is a roundtable organization where writers meet, share, read, critique, and support each other.

When you’re a writer—full-time, part-time, or whenever-there’s-time—you spend a lot of time alone-ish. As in, you and a bunch of characters who all talk at once and get feisty about it. And drama. There’s always drama—yours, theirs, the cat’s. And descriptions, settings, timelines, places, and things.You research, plan, write, scribble, rewrite, replan, fix, re-rewrite, and frustrate (yourself, mostly) trying to nail the words and story and flow.

Deep breath.

You can cease wringing your hands or pounding your forehead on the keyboard. You need not suffer alone.

There’s comfort in comradeship. Sense in sharing. Construction in critiques. Gratitude with a group. Okay, enough alliteration. If you write prose—fiction, creative nonfiction, novels, or shorts—OWLS needs you and you just might need OWLS too. We’re about

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Critique Groups
  • Coaching
  • Support
  • Feedback
  • Skills and Learning
  • Getting Published
  • And ________________________________


You’re asking, “So who are these owlish people?” The Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society’s members are writers, readers, editors, and publishers. We’re often serious, sometimes funny, rarely vulgar, and guaranteed never stuffy or judgmental. OWLS are people¬† interested in writing and making something of it besides leveling table legs or making confetti in the cross-shredder.

Click over to the Membership page for more details and visit the Events page to see what the OWLS are up to in your area. Join us soon. Your peers and colleagues are waiting!

Remember: Writing is a journey, not a destination. (And traveling this road is better with buddies.)