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OWLS is a fledgling, an owlet you might say, but we hope to be a parliament soon! (Yes, we really made those owl references!)


The Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society (OWLS) is an organization where writers can develop and perfect their prose through interactive workshops, critique sessions with peer review and support, monthly group events, and other benefits.  OWLS believes that through these forms of sharing and peer support, writers learn to see through the eyes of readers and view their writing with fresh insight and renewed spirit.  OWLS is committed to providing an environment for writers’ development by supporting them to achieve their goals, offering education opportunities, providing guidance on paths to success, and more.


The group was founded by Sarah Hernandez and Dawn Johnson who met while members of another local group. Over time they began discussing what they felt they ought to be getting out of a writers’ group and as a result, decided to ditch that other stuffy group and start their own. Since the two live in neighboring counties in Northern Illinois, it seemed sensible to give the group roots by incorporating that into the name—it also happened to make for a great acronym—and the Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society was born. Dawn and Sarah felt a writers group should be uplifting to writers; it should teach, support, and inspire them in craft and goals. OWLS was “grown” to do just that.

Would you like to be involved in our organization?

Call for Active Writer-Members:
We’re seeking a group of active members to help OWLS take flight. If you’re new to writing or already published and want to be involved, we’d like to talk to you about how you can help us grow and organize.

Call for Leaders and Mentors:
We’re also seeking  to develop a core of merit-published authors and established professional editors or publishers who are willing to serve as board members, critique group mentors and coaches, seminar/meeting presenters, or a combination of any of these. Won’t you lend time and talent to help us support writers? (To qualify for these meaningful core positions we’ll request specific information about your qualifications and accomplishments and meet with you to plan how you might be able to contribute time and talents.)

If you’re interested in learning more about the group or lending your talents to help it fly, you can contact us at OWLSwrite@gmail.com, use the form below, or call 815.289.2860. If you’re ready to join us, visit the Membership page and sign up online today. Plus, check out the Events calendar and other resources.

Thanks and come by again soon to see what’s new.

Happy writing,

Sarah H. and Dawn J.