OWLS was recently invited by the In Print Professional Writers Organization to their 5 Year In Print Celebration, and included in the invitation was a request for Dawn and myself to speak about OWLS to their members. Thank you In Print!! It was a true honor to be able to share our fledgling organization with you. For those of you who don’t know, In Print is an organization started by several women with the idea of helping writers to grow and develop their craft, much as we are. To see such a group of writers come together was inspiring and exciting because we know in just a matter of time, we will be there, too.

Today was a reminder that hard work pays off. We started OWLS just over two years ago with just a dream, and in those two years, we have grown into an organization that is now being recognized by our peers. And we owe it all to the great members we have that keep us coming back month after month. This year, we will celebrate three years since we first started and we are confident that this is only the beginning of great things yet to come.

Write somethin'!