March Meeting Change

Due to several daunting conditions, I have concluded that tomorrow’s meeting will need to be postponed until March 25. The first issue is that our Stillman Valley location, Cardinal Cafe, is holding an event tomorrow where they are hosting local vendors until 2 PM and have invited customers to come dine and browse. Regrettably, this would make our meeting there nearly impossible. (Although I’m fairly certain we’d all have a good time looking over the vendors’ wares!) I’d thought a great alternative meeting place would be the new coffee house in Byron but they are currently closed for vacation.

And a few other, smaller issues threw a few more wrenches into the machinery.

So, to overcome all these negative tidbits, it seemed that rescheduling the meeting to March 25, 1 PM at Cardinal Cafe, would be the most promising.

I hope it won’t inconvenience anyone overmuch and that you’ll be able to join us next week. Between now and then, look for another message regarding topic and an update on the Short Story Seminar.

We’re also pleased to welcome two new OWLS members, Kennece Coombe and Karen Fackler. Glad you could join us!

Please share this date change with anyone else you know who may have been planning to attend and members of In Print or other writers groups where folks may have an interest in attending.

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