Meeting: September 2016

OWLS September Meeting ~ 

When – Saturday, September 17 at 1 PM
Where – Cardinal Cafe, downtown Stillman Valley
Discussion Topic: Emotional Scenes & Unreliable Narrators. Many well-known stories and novels feature unreliable narrators, that is POV characters who, for one reason or another, misguide the reader with false information, sometimes even due to the character’s own faulty memory. There are plenty of reasons for the narrator to be unreliable, from the purposeful deception to emotional avoidance of truth, or pure, natural imperfection. What if rather than perfect recall, we allow our POV characters to carry the same flaws of memory we all live with?
Pre-meeting Reading – Click to read: Writing an Emotional Scene? You Could Have an Unreliable Narrator
And: False Memories in Fiction: How Emotional Scenes Can Create Unreliable Narrators
October Teaser: All stories and novels take place across time. A minute. An hour. A day. Or even whole lifetimes and centuries. How do writers manage timelines? Decide when big events should happen and how much living goes on in between? In October we’ll explore this writing challenge and ways to manage it.

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