November Meeting Full of Drama!

November Novel Group
When: Fri., November 7, 1 to 3 PM; arrive at 12:30 if you’d like enjoy lunch with the group before the meeting
Location: Egg Harbor Cafe, 1603 N. Alpine Rd in Edgebrook Center, Rockford
Lunch Details: Delicious food, coffee, tea, and more

Meeting Topic: Dramatizing Real Life

When you read a great biography, what is it that makes it as compelling a read as fiction? Is it the subject? The joys and trials of the life chronicled?
None of the above? In recent years noted “true stories” are more frequently told with finesse and artful drama, setting scenes to show emotions and interactions rather than simply reporting them.
This month, Sarah shares a great article that introduces the idea of “dramatic realism.” At the meeting she’ll discuss the article and what dramatic realism means for fiction and nonfiction. Afterward, Dawn will add points and examples about the value of dramatization. We’ll conclude the discussion with a brief writing exercise.

OWLS Events:

Novel Group meeting, December 5, Ten Pennies Internet Cafe, Oregon, Illinois

Novel Group meeting, January 9, 2015, location TBD – note 1/9 is the second Friday


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