OWLS Drafts Bylaws

Sarah and I are excited about how much OWLS has grown and changed since we first discussed the possibility of starting a writing group on a rainy day in the parking lot at Tinker Cottage. Since then we’ve been planning and doing, generally winging it, as we work to grow the group and bring writers great content and resources. earlier this year, we expressed our goal to make OWLS a more formal organization and secure its not-for-profit status. Part of that plan involves developing bylaws. Now, we’re still “young” and sure to undergo many more changes, but we’ve put our heads together to draft a document for adoption–basic bylaws that allow room and provisions for growth and change as we gain members and activities.

For members’ review in anticipation of an agenda item and motion to adopt at our October meeting, here is the review draft of the bylaws for the Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society:

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