OWLS Takes Wing

Welcome, weary writer,

to our noble hallways of learning, light, feedback, and support. Ogle-Winnebago Literary Society not only wants to fuel your tank during your writing journey, we also want to share our collective experience and just plain, old opinions in a roundtable of equals. We believe writers always have something to learn and something to share, and we invite you to share with us in meetings, critique groups, on-site chat, and in the future, skills sessions and more.

Rfc1394_Purple_armless_chairPull up a chair and join the conversation…but don’t forget to write!

One thought on “OWLS Takes Wing

  1. Matt Stahl says:

    Hello Sarah,
    We met at Kiril and Rachels’ reception at the VFW; it’s Matt Stahl.
    Well it took a little while to get around to finding your site; but alas
    it’s been found.
    I will probably join up with you all a little bit later – before the deadline would be good, yes?
    But I just wanted to make a contact today. I was inspired to go through successes in my life that took courage; it is very empowering to list them out. So in the process, I noted to myself (Even in the list) it’s time to keep moving forward. So Viola’ – here I is.

    I look forward to getting to know you all better in the future;
    it will be sporadic – but my bucket list has “Being Published” on it.

    Great to meet you and Tony,
    Kind Regards,
    Matt Stahl

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